Elevate Apartments logo: Elevating People to Live Their Purpose.

We want to see people continue moving forward in overcoming challenges and to walk in a path they were destined for with an independent and sustainable way of life.

Elevate Apartments

A Way Forward

Elevate is for individuals who are without a personal residence and have the desire to continue moving forward for a better way to live.

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Every person is deserving of opportunities to live their given purpose.

When given a good, safe home, people have better chances of success in every aspect of their lives—personally, professionally, and spiritually.

The freedom to access a safe home is vital for a strong community and is linked to success in education, employment, and overall betterment.

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is a program of

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CityServe is a collaborative network of churches and community leaders designed to create greater impact. Offering solutions to those in need of housing is apart of CityServe’s Compassion Initiative: The Poor and is often interconnected with other Compassion Initiatives.

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Strengthening Churches

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